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Video 1 - Welcome + Overview of Explosivo

Video 2 - Visual Introduction To The Explosivo System

Video 3 - Creating A “Lead Magnet” Using Pinterest

Video 4 - Demo of A Lead Magnet Video Presentation

Video 5 - Notes On The Demo Video

Video 6 - YouTube Thumbnail Creation For Your Video

Video 7 - Getting The Lead Magnet On Your Website

Video 8 - Landing Page & Bridge Page Set Up

Video 8B - Automated Bridge Page (No Face On Camera)

Video 9 - Google Ads & FB Ads Remarketing Walkthrough

Video 10 - Email Follow Up Sequence

Video 11 - Creating The Instagram Post

Video 12 - Posting On Instagram + How To Post To Instagram From A Laptop

Video 13 - Ordering Instagram Mentions + Where To Buy An "Aged" Account

Video 14 - Creating The Instagram Story Ad

Video 15 - Setting Up An IG Story Ad Campaign On FB Ads

Video 16 - Case Study + Blasting Forward with Explosivo


BONUS #1 - Explosivo Video Game Niche
BONUS #2 - Explosivo Resource List